Talent Management

Talent Sourcing and Management

Sage Informatics Talent Management team ensures that your organization finds the right qualified candidates the right way either locally or globally. We manage all administration and contract processes to insure flexible, unbiased and reliable resourcing solutions.

Our team highly considers the candidates requirements of your company needs by analysing the defined skills and competencies that are required from the candidates. And also take into consideration the profile of your current candidate’s performance, and quickly identify similar thinking candidates to ensure a best fit for your company.

Sage Informatics talent management and resourcing team provides following capabilities

  • Performing comprehensive checks
  • Screen candidates to your specific needs
  • Technical Evaluations
  • Tracking applicants
  • Managing candidates for both internal or external placing
The outsource of candidates can be permanent or temporary Successful candidates are on full account Management which ensures that the induction and settling of the candidate is smooth and professional

Technology Enablement

  • Information Administration
  • Corporate Readiness
  • Project Management
  • IBM Technology
  • Microsoft Technology
  • Oracle Technology
  • SAP Technology
  • Open Source Technology
  • Web Technology
  • Systems Administration
  • Training and Mentorship in world of work and corporate readiness
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