Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Tackle Compliance

Ensure you have the right number of licenses to be compliant – take remedial action well ahead of an audit by removing or reassigning unused software.

Pool licenses for re-use

Instead of buying new licenses and subscriptions for each request, reuse any which are unassigned, and make them available via an app store so you can manage the approvals and availability

Pick your vendors

Work out where you have the largest liability in terms of budget or number of applications. Focus your efforts on those and the vendors which are reputed to audit the most.

Inventory your entire estate

Manage licensing across the entire estate, from the desktop to the data-center, across Cloud, virtualised and mobile assets.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce costs with proactive license management
  • Avoid overspend on Options and Management Packs
  • Minimize risk in clustered environments
  • Implement in no time
  • Save time and resources with automated SOW
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