Mobile & Web Development

Mobile and Web Development

We Design and Build It For You

Sage Informatics provides custom software application development services to clients across the globe to achieve their mission-critical goals. Off-the-shelf products seldom meet client needs completely, and working with Sage Informatics allows clients to create their own solutions in a cost-effective and efficient way. Sage Informatics has the expertise to provide the technical solution to ensure the success of the client’s business strategy.

System Integration

Sage Informatics works with clients to understand their goals and to have a clear vision on how to seamlessly integrate an accelerated solution to help meet those goals. By using custom development capability or established packaged software from market leaders such as SAP and Oracle, we solve industry-specific or shared enterprise problems. In addition, we understand that any new solution must scale fast and complement existing systems and business processes to deliver value. We help organizations cross into the realm of high performance at an accelerated pace.

Application Maintenance & Enhancements

Sage Informatics specializes in providing maintenance, support and training for high-end mission critical software products that are intended to have a long operational life. The maintenance phase of a software product has been widely recognized as one of the most expensive, yet often one of the most overlooked components for a successful company. The concept of outsourcing support has evolved from a mere “cost-effective” practice to become a critical part of the global strategy for many leading-edge organizations.

Mobile Application Development

Sage Informatics has extensive expertise in mobile application development, having designed and developed several mobile based applications and solutions. Our mobile expertise ranges from defining the user experience, developing mobile applications, to commercialization. Sage Informatics specializes in application development for the following mobile platforms:

We also assist in mobile enablement/enhancement of customers legacy applications.

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