IT Infrastructure & Support Service

Data Center Infrastructure Solution

Through our partners we provide data center infrastructure solutions based on cloud computing to help customers improve the utilization of their storage and computing resources and provides unified communications and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions to help customers improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs, thereby achieving operational excellence and continuously making business and service innovations.

Managed Services

 We focus on managing the full comprehensive offerings we give to our clients, while our clients can focus on their business needs. For example

  • Repair and Maintenance – PC’s , laptops and servers.
  • Software Updates – All Microsoft products and anti virus related software
  • Network Security – monitoring firewalls are secured , detecting malware
  • IT Infrastructure – This relates to us taking of the whole IT Components and operations. For example, Switches and printers and servers.
  • Compliance Monitoring – Is all software licensed and according to law

IT Network Support and Service

  • On-Site and Off-Site Help
  • Team Dispatching
  • Wireless Networking (Remote Viewer)
  • Infrastructure Set Up & Management
  • Consulting and Strategy planning

Infrastructure Management

  • This relates to the repair and maintenance of the operational components and equipment .e.g. Servers and Cables.
  • Storage Management - Our team is able to diagnose whether the current server your running with now has enough capacity for new users or data
  • Hardware Maintenance - Repair and maintenance on the current components in use
  • Network Management – Relates to the connectivity and signal give no delays and are up to speed.
  • Systems management - Purchasing equipment and software, as well as distributing it, configuring it and maintaining it with enhancement and service updates; setting up problem handling processes; provisioning services; and monitoring IT systems performance and determining whether objectives are being met.

IT Audit

  • We’ll evaluate your IT Network and find areas where you can improve by implementing and integrated IT Network with Sage informatics..

IT Security

  • Make sure you are protected from hackers and you have a secure IT Network. Sage Informatics designs and implements disaster management and recovery plans

Our Strategic Partners

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