Fibre Services

Fiber Services

Sage Informatics is a diversified technology leader, specializing in cabling and telephony solutions to medium, corporate-sized enterprises and network operators.

Global Business Solutions

  • Mechanical Trenching
    Sage Informatics Mechanical trenching division, uses tried and tested trenching machinery. Trenching is fast and effective insuring the laying of services over a large distance in the shortest time possible.

  • Hand Trenching
    Sage Informatics employs large teams of South African labours to carefully hand trench in metropolitan areas. Sage Informatics& supports the drive for job creation and the use of local labour. This is a global company initiative and falls in line with Sage Informatics ’s BEE policy.

  • Blown Fiber
    We supply, distribute and install macro and micro duct. The duct is used in the installation of blown fiber.

  • Fusion Splicing
    Sage Informatics Fiber team specializes in core alignment fusion splicing (the termination of fiber cabling) Sage Informatics conducts high level OTDR testing of all fibre installations and terminations.

Cabling Services

The performance of a network infrastructure depends not only on the quality of its components, but also on the quality of the cabling installation. As one of South Africa’s leading cabling specialists, Sage Informatics provides a comprehensive range of services. We assist our clients in determining their specific cabling requirements – no job is too big or too small. We offer the following cabling solutions:

  • Complete Network Installations
  • Cable Installation
  • Optic Installation and Termination
  • Communication Room Installation
  • Optical Fiber Cable Installation

Not only does Sage Informatics offer network and computer cable management, but we pride ourselves on uninterrupted additions and changes, as your company evolves.

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